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Date: 2010-02-05


Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/NSOTD Jonathan Rugman reports on the child sex trade in Kenya, amid fears that up to 20,000 children are engaged in some form of under-age sex work - often with white men. Kenya's beaches represent the best in tropical paradise, mutually beneficial for both the thousands of Europeans who head there and the locals who thrive from their tourism. But Kenya's coast has a seedier face - visiting white men who pay children, some as young as three years old, for sex. In a country where ten million people are going hungry, there are fears that this abuse is spiralling. Foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Rugman journeyed from around the villages of Mombasa, and then onto Mtwapa and Malindi. On the 2006 UNICEF report: NGOs create an alarm for them to get funding, to use the abuse of children to get funding, and that is unethical. None of the UNICEF officers has been to my office. I will encourage UNICEF formally to send that report to my office....so that we can have a formal collaboration strategy together and be able to solve the problems. The government is working very hard to give food supplies to children, milk and other items to primary schools, so children do not go hungry. This particular report is 3-4 years old and it has not addressed what is current. There are efforts to make children go back to school, rather than allowing them to go to the beach. The Kenya Tourist (Police) Service...is going to be strict in the code of conduct on the beaches. Parliament is going to approve it hopefully by the end of this year. The hotel industry has been cleaned up. We are now going to move to areas which are not. Because of the publicity in the media we have decided to take action ourselves, proactively. We need to take action and I regret these things are happening. Kenyan orgnisations fighting child sex abuse Offers of help to the sexual violence clinic at Mombasa Coast General Hospital should be directed to - Dr Heltan Maganga Chief Administrator Coast Province General Hospital PO Box 90321 Mombasa, Kenya East Africa Donations to the clinic will be earmarked for specific child-friendly outreach activities which will be monitored and evaluated to assess the effectiveness in supporting Mombasa's children. Donors providing email addresses will receive reports on our progress. Cheques can be addressed to the Coast Province General Hospital-GBVRC. Offers of help to the Coast Women's Network Centre, which rescues and works with child prostitutes, should be directed to Ms Eve Ngoroge at - Women's Network Centre Mnazi Mmoja Rd P.O Box 88739 Mombasa Kenya Email: womens.network2@gmail.com Offers of help to the youth football team in Malindi, Kenya, which encourages teenagers to stay away from the sex trade, should be directed to - Ms Mary Rukungi Secretary Frifonet Football Club PO Box 5758 Malindi Kenya Email: marianattabetty@hotmail.com ormarianattabetty@gmail.com

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